Useful advice

A straightforward entry process

To enter the Home Care Awards you need to complete the online entry form and upload a submission paper when prompted.

Entries to the Home Care Awards must be submitted online. Your written entry must be no more than 1,500 words in English (12 point type, single line spacing) saved in PDF format (5MB maximum file size), uploaded from your desktop to the Home Care Awards’ AwardManager system. All entries should be prepared following the template sections listed below. The Judges will automatically apply a lower vote to any entries that exceed the word count. At the same time, the judges will appreciate the conciseness of your entry. There is no need to use the full word count. Please adhere to these basic rules of entry, together with any other specific  criteria described below.


Template guide

Your completed entry form and your written entry are the basis on which each entry will be voted for by the judges and shortlisted. Your written document should clearly describe the nature and aims of your services, define the sector and competitive environment (if appropriate), set out any relevant strategic considerations, explain any innovative initiatives or use of technology, then map out the implementation pathways. Please provide as clear an indication as possible of what has been achieved, with supporting facts, figures and pictures.

At the beginning of your document the following information must be listed

Please try to use the following as sub-headings under which you clearly provide your explanation for the judges.

Failure to include the details requested may result in your entry being marked lower by the Judging Panel.
If you are entering on behalf of a company or companies, please note that you will need to make a first entry for each different company.


Support material

Entries for the Home Care Awards must be submitted online.

You may need to provide physical support material (for instance printed literature, stage development plans, photographs or video) please provide a URL to a supporting micro site, or a link to YouTube or Vimeo for video files, in your submission paper. If the organisers feel that the judges will need to see physical items in support of your entry you will be notified well in advance of the judging date and asked to send the material by post.

The judges will want to feel fully informed about your activity, so please include whatever you feel is appropriate and relevant for your entry. If an entry is entered into more than one category, please indicate this clearly, but remember you need to remind the judges of the micro site URL for the support material, each time you enter. It is also extremely important that you provide a relevant 100-word summary of your entry. Taking an extra five minutes to make sure your summary is relevant to the entry is very worthwhile as it is the text the judges will read first, before reading your full submission.



The organisers intend that the Home Care Awards are open to the whole sector, but any website that breaks national or international laws or offends public, religious, national or gender-specific sensitivities, or that flouts banking, compliance, advertising, promotion or Internet rules will be disqualified.